Welcome to Rurrenabaque!

Welcome to Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, where amazing Amazon adventures are at your doorstep!  Dramatically located where the Beni River converges with the steep foothills of the Andes and the endless plains of the rain forest, Rurrenabaque is known as the gateway for all your Bolivian Amazon adventures. This quirky jungle town is the ideal leaping off point to experience the rich biodiversity, gorgeous landscapes, native cultures and friendly locals that make this region so special.

Whether you want to discover the ancient survival skills of the jungle, visit the astonishing wildlife of the pampas, explore daily life on a Bolivian ranch, challenge yourself with a multi day jungle trek adventure, or simply relax by a swimming pool after a day of craft shopping in the tropical sunshine, we offer all the resources you need to plan your perfect trip.

Let Rurrenabaque open the door to your own Amazon adventure!

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